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September 26, 2017

Testimonial #3

“I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to Weipa Fishing Adventures for providing me and my 4 teenage children with the most fabulous Fishing Adventure experience of a lifetime!

My first tentative email to WFA to ask them what the prices were and what that included was met with a prompt, clear and concise reply. It was important for me to know where I stood with such a big family and to have all costs clarified and the best place for us to stay at in Weipa.

We enjoyed 2 boats with 2 experienced guides. Dave and Michael shared their experience with us all to help us improve our game. Mind you it was a very patient guide that had me on their boat. I am now an expert on getting my own lure out of the trees!

Even when fish were smashing up our gear, Dave and Michael patiently and calmly rigged us up again and again. They untangled this one and encouraged that one and firmly chastised another one on losing a big Barra because the rod wasn’t held up quite the right way.

We are richer for this fishing adventure and have very colourful memories of the jokes played by Newmo and his ‘fly’ prank. It was particularly annoying when totally engrossed in the sumptuous lunch and refreshments that WFA provides.

I sincerely recommend Weipa Fishing Adventures for one and all.”

— KDC, Townsville Australia