8 Secrets Revealed

REVEALED: “Weipa’s most experienced fishing guide will teach you his 8 secrets on how to catch more fish”

“When you book a charter with me I’ll go out of my way to improve your skills!” 

— Dave Newman, Professional Fishing Guide

Dear Fishing Enthusiast,

Although we have never met and you may never have heard of me I have been fishing Weipa 22 years, this is longer than any other guide, I also have Weipa’s most successful charter business, simply put there is no one who has as much local knowledge or is more willing to invest the time in educating people in the art of fishing than myself and my team. I know that when you invest your hard earned money in a guided fishing tour you expect to get value for money.

Here’s why a charter with my team will be the best investment you will make in your Weipa Fishing Adventure:

When you book a charter with my team, we will teach you the 8 secrets that will improve your fishing.

Most guides don’t all share their information with their clients, they need to be the expert so you marvel at their skill!!

We take a different approach, we spend approx 250 days a year fishing
(it’s a tough life but someone has to do it!!)

This depth of knowledge will be shared with you when you join us on your fully guided tour.

I believe in sharing this knowledge to improve the skills of the people I fish with. The guides I employ have the benefit of this knowledge, you also will directly benefit from this knowledge when you fish with us. You will improve your catch rate.

“David, just a thank you note from the crew who went out with Adam and Marcus for the day and a half! The men for a full day the ladies for half. They all had a great time. The ladies were very impressed with the way the lads tried so hard to get them some fish – with some success too I might add! Keep up the good work as we would like to get up there and do it again some time. Cheers and thanks again!”

 — Ray Hollis

We will not only guarantee that you enjoy your fishing experience but will ensure that you go home a more experienced angler.

You will learn the 8 secrets that guides know but often won’t tell you…

Secret #1
Where to fish at different stages of the tide.
It’s happened to us all, one minute there are biting their heads off and the next minute nothing. You will learn why you have to move around and the different fishing techniques to employ at different stages of the tide.
Secret #2
The right types of lures to use for different species and locations.
There is an old saying that ‘the lure catches the fisherman well before it catches the fish’. There is no doubt that different lures work better on different species. You will learn the most productive types of lures to use and how each one must be fished differently for optimum results. We will also show you lures that you will not find in the average tackle shop that produce spectacular results.
Secret #3
How to tie the rigs the guides use.
When you spend your life fishing you tie a lot of rigs, you will learn techniques for rigging that will improve the overall strength of the rig and also be quick and easy to tie in a rocking boat!!. Can a leader affect the speed and accuracy of a cast? Absolutely. You would think a leader was a leader you will learn how the combination of line type knot profile and leader construction will improve your accuracy and distance.
Secret #4
How to cast more accurately to ensure the lure GETS IN to where it the fish are hiding.
Where you put your lure is critical to getting more strikes but how can you improve your accuracy? The way you hold the rod and reel is critical to ensure the lure lands where you know it should go but often does not. You will learn how to get it in… well placed casts equal more fish. You will also learn some amazing methods for removing lures from snags when they do go a little wrong!!.
Secret #5
How to WORK the lure.
The difference between working the lure correctly and simply retrieving will astound you. The speed a lure comes back is largely dependant on the species and if you are fishing the snags the first few turns of the reel are vital. The techniques you will learn will break convention, this skill alone will produce more fish…
Secret #6
How to play that fish of your dreams so it gets into the landing net.
More big fish are lost due to the inexperience of the angler, we will help ensure your successful landing ratio is increased. When you do hook that huge Barra you want to make sure you get it to the boat but sadly that often doesn’t happen. You start to panic and all you can think of %@$# I hope I don’t lose it!!. You will learn how to stand, how to hold the rod where and when to apply the correct amount of pressure what to do when it jumps and tries to shake the lure free.
Secret #7
How much drag is too much?
Your drag setting is critical to your hook up ratio but how much is too much and what is best setting for the different species you are targeting. You will be surprised at these techniques. If you are fishing for Black Bass in New Guinea there is no such thing as too much drag but which more common species closer to home requires not much more than enough to retrieve the lure? We will be reveal all to YOU…
Secret #8
How to strike.
It’s a natural reaction to rip a fishes head off when it hits the lure but is this always the best technique? You will learn which species can tolerate this and which ones will not. In fact with some species a strike will result in a high proportion of misses, in order to hook up more you must understand how the fish hunts it’s prey, once you know this you will be able to think like the fish and you will increase your hook up rate.

Why is Weipa is the best kept secret of all?

Weipa is recognised internationally as a destination of choice for 3 main reasons.

#1 The diversity of fish available.

Weipa is incredible, in any week it is possible to catch, Barramundi, Coral Trout, Mangrove Jacks, Black Jewfish, Fingermark Bream, Northern Bluefin Tuna, Mackerel, Giant, and many other Trevally species, Triple Tail Cod, Queenfish, Sailfish and even Marlin!! And we are not talking about Nemo’s dad!!

“Just a short note to thank you for a great time fishing in Weipa. The photo you took of me with that Golden Trevally came out perfectly. Don’t forget to cook the Barra on the beach for some of your more deserving clients. I will definitely bring my son to Weipa for a fishing trip…..as soon as I can organise it…..probably next year.”

 — Mark Luchetti

#2 It’s easy and reasonably cheap to get to.

Flights leave daily to and from Cairns, a number of economical accommodation facilities and after hours entertainment at the Hotel, Golf or Bowling club combine to make your stay comfortable. There is also the mine which a lot of people visit during their stay.

#3 Very little fishing pressure.

Weipa, is a small community and it’s fair to say the number of locals who fish has practically no impact on the ecosystem and there is no netting in the major systems. There are 7 main river systems in the area which cover literally hundreds of kilometers of fishable banks. Not to mention the blue water opportunities or the other river systems to the north and south.

“I’ve fished all over the world with numerous guides and Weipa is my pick of them all, with great diversity easy access and great company from Dave. I now come back to Weipa and Dave in preference of going anywhere else” 

— Greg Newham, Sydney Australia

Can you believe some guides keep office hours!!

We understand that you come to fish and not spend hours of productive fishing time at the bar… There is plenty of time for that when the sun has set!!

“Since meeting Dave at the Weipa boat ramp 5 years ago I now fish regularly with him. His knowledge of the local area is unparalleled as is his commitment to ensuring you have a good trip, most days finish when it’s too dark to see.”

 — Denis Lapico, Townsville Australia

We will guarantee to use all our skills and work from the very early morning until well into the early evening in an effort to get you hooked up!!

“I used to drive to Weipa every year for a weeks fishing with my own boat until I met Dave. Now I fly up 2 – 3 times a year and fish with Dave. I catch bigger fish, have a better time and save the wear and tear on my 4WD and boat. Dave certainly makes the experience memorable with his sense of humor and the extra effort he goes to to make sure you catch fish.”

 — Steve McLean, Townsville Australia

Book now to ensure you get the pick of the tides

While the fishing in Weipa will most often be better than anything you would normally experience, like anywhere there are some times that are better than others. Be sure that you get the pick of the tides by booking your trip now. Don’t delay because the best tides and holiday periods are the first ones to book out. Why not get one or two friends together to split the costs, it will be an experience that will give you all memories for a lifetime.

“Hi Dave, the boys and I had a great trip and would like to thank you ,Marcus ,and Adam for the time and dedication you all put into making sure that we had a great Weipa Fishing Adventure. From the feedback I’ve received it would appear that most of the crew will be returning next year”

 — Walter Kornberger

We will not fish more than 3 people per boat and you will never share a charter with someone you do not know!!

Can you imagine the feeling you would get when fishing for Northern Bluefin Tuna with a metal jig and hooking a 200kg Marlin!

This happened to one lucky person last year, this fish was played for hours and eventually brought to the boat… this amazing feat was duplicated the very next day.

“Hi Dave, Just a note of thanks for sharing your fantastic fishing environment with us. We had a great time and enjoyed the experience very much. Your friendly attitude and professional approach to guiding made our visit very memorable. The fishing was fantastic and the guide was great , what else could we ask? We are already thinking of next year and maybe we’ll return, contact you later on that. Thanks again.” 

— Ray & Emma

Your Weipa Fishing adventure will be memorable,

You will catch plenty of high quality fish, and you will learn skills that will improve your fishing no matter where you go. Most of our customers return every year, why?Simply because they have a great time!

The Weipa area is huge and largely protected from professional fisherman, therefore there is not high degree of pressure on the system which means there are plenty of virgin fish for you to catch…

I only use the best equipment!!

3 Custom built Cairns custom craft ranging in size from 5.5 to 6mtrs. These vessels offer the best compromise of fishing comfort, stability and ride comfort. They are ideal for the type of fishing you will be doing in Weipa.

If you don’t have tackle appropriate for the trip don’t worry as I will provide you with the same high quality tackle I use when I go fishing, comprising of Penn Abu and Shimano reels mostly on G-Loomis blanks.

Apart from all this you are going to have fun!!

We love to fish as much as you do and thoroughly enjoy the enthusiasm from people who have never done this type of thing before. Basically we love our jobs and this will come through in our approach.

Everyday on the water is different and we have seen some amazing sights like huge Manta Rays jumping completely out of the water or working in a pack hunting jelly prawns, or a pod of Dolphins frolicking, or Sailfish basking in the sun, huge sharks in a feeding frenzy, crocodiles (there’s plenty of these), huge grouper in barely enough water to keep them a float, bait fish being smashed by every conceivable predator etc etc etc….

The time you spend with us will give you memories for a life time, if they can hold a rod and cast, the kids will also love the experience. Age is no barrier to fishing, we can accommodate people of all ages and degrees of mobility. If you have special requirements just let me know and I’ll do my best to arrange it for you

At Weipa Fishing Adventures you will get value for money. Call today on 07 4069 7952 to make a booking.

I look forward to welcoming you on your Weipa fishing adventure


Dave Newman
Your Professional Fishing Guide
Weipa Fishing Adventures

P.S. Not all fishing guides are alike there are plenty out there that simply blow into an area and profess to be a local expert. This can only be achieved with time.

P.P.S. I know you are going to have a great time and even if the fishing is slow by Weipa standards you will catch more quality fish than you would in your usual fishing location.

P.P.P.S. You are going to have such a great time and learn so many new skills you are going to want to come back again and again and again……

P.P.P.P.S Don’t delay in making your booking this year will soon be booked out (they always do) we expect this to be a great year, we have badly needed the rain to flush things out and we have certainly got it!!