Weipa’s Fishing Options

Weipa’s Hot Spots

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With our extensive experience fishing the Weipa and surrounding areas we ensure that we fish in the most productive location for the species you wish to target the technique you prefer to use (bait lure or fly) and the prevailing weather and tide conditions.

Weipa’s Rivers and Creeks

Weipa has an extensive network of rivers and creeks which gives you the opportunity to make each day of your adventure different. Each of the systems has the potential to provide you with trophy specimens of species like Barramundi, Mangrove Jacks, King and Blue Salmon, Finger Mark, Queenfish and Trevally. There are Tiny creeks in Weipa which hide huge Trevally and Queenfish which lurk below the surface waiting to ambush small bait fish. Hooking one of these giants in tight water guarantees you a rush of adrenalin hard to match!!.

Pristine Beaches

There are miles of beaches to explore each side of the Weipa inlet many have rocky head lands and outcrops with on the right tides yield huge Barramundi. The beaches are a Fly Fisherman’s paradise where it’s possible to sight cast to feeding Barramundi, Salmon, Giant Herring, with the same marauding Trevally and Queenfish only feet from the bank.


The Reef fishing around is nothing short of spectacular, within a couple of klm’s from the beach you can catch Coral Trout, Red Emperor and Finger Mark and hook other monsters which will never see the light of day. Live bait is a great way to fish these areas with jigging and luring producing great results.